Market Watch: 4 enhancements to IA Excellence’s Acci-Jet

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Much has been made over the last year or so about IA Excellence’s Acci-Jet.  It’s a unique offering in the world of disability insurance, designed specifically for workers in the event of total disability resulting from an accident or soft tissue injury.

If you are an individual concerned about the impact to your lifestyle as a result of an accident or injury? Then the Acci-Jet product was designed for you and your active lifestyle!


Think about it: what would you do if a disability prevented you from working? You would lose not only your primary source of income, but you would also have to face extra expenses related to your condition-expenses that you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Would you be able to meet your financial obligations?

What really differentiates Acci-Jet is that it is a guaranteed renewal policy, that requires NO medical exam at the time of purchase and only 3 eligibility questions to answer.

Coverage for all workers, including the self-employed, that meets your every need:

  • Disability Insurance;
  • Overhead Expense Insurance;
  • Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Loss of Use;
  • Extended Medical Care Further to an Accident;
  • Travel Insurance;

Already a competitively priced disability solution, there are 4 exciting new feature changes to IA Excellence’s Acci-Jet program taking place on July 15:

  1. Previously the issue age was from 18-59, the new issue age range is from 18-69 years old.
  2. There is no longer any 12/12 pre-existing clause
  3. It is now possible to extend the coverage up to age 75 with the same monthly benefit and waiting period.  However, the benefit period will be up to a maximum of 2 years.
  4. The benefit period up to 65 will increase to a benefit period up to 70.

Some of the current features:

  • Coverage in the event of total disability resulting from an accident or soft tissue injury
  • Payment of a monthly benefit ranging from $500 to $6,000
  • Choice of the gross or net revenue method when determining your maximum available benefit
  • Non-integrated payment of the first $1,000 in benefits for the first two years
  • A benefit period of 2 years, 5 years or up to age 70
  • A waiting period of 0 days, 30 days or 119 days
  • Risk classified based on your occupation

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