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Something unique about you:

I am a Film & Television University Graduate and spent over a decade in the Entertainment Industry, first as an Actor and later transitioning behind the camera as a Freelance Director. Throughout my experience of being Self-Employed as an Actor and Director, I was able to indulge in the extraordinary career life style benefits of immeasurable freedom and flexibility. However, I was well aware that I had more to offer with my skills. I then set a goal to find the right opportunity that offered limitless growth and truly paved a clear path towards “financial freedom” for me. It was not long until I found Liland Insurance Inc, the perfect place and environment for me to unlock my true potential.

What you love about what you do:

Working with Liland has enabled me to build a business within the business and establish solid relationships with my team-mates and fellow co-workers that in just a matter of time became very much like one big FAMILY. My clients on the other hand, are the very reason why I am so passionate about what I do. The overall support from each and every one of them, combined with all their pleasant and welcoming smiles go a long way and makes me feel as if each encounter with them is not business, but rather getting together with FRIENDS. Even after working in the Financial Industry for over a decade now, I still love what I do! I feel very blessed to have a perfect combination of a wonderful company along with lovely clients. Ultimately my career has evolved into my favourite “HOBBY,” wherein my main responsibilities consists of being with FAMILY and FRIENDS.

In my lifetime, I would like to try:

To create a Non-Profit Canadian Film & Television Educational Career Centre that focuses on developing and hiring newly graduated high school students into the Entertainment Industry that come from low income families, who are unable to afford expensive equipment or excruciating costs in post secondary tuition fees.

You can get in touch with Russell at:

Tel: 416-759-5453 ext. 360

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