Andrew Rosos

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Hi, I’m Andrew Rosos, and being part of the LiLand team has been a great experience.

Here’s a little bit about me… I enjoy keeping up with the latest technology and gadgets, playing basketball and baseball, try to keep a healthy lifestyle and love to karaoke but most of all shake it on the dance floor whenever I get the chance!

I am a former actor and Actra member appearing in a number of international, national as well as local tv shows and commercials starting from age 10 into my early 20’s. I was a regular on TVOntario’s children’s show “Bookmice”, YTV’s “My Hometown” starring Jay Baruchel along my very own brother Albert Rosos and showed off my martial arts skills in a recurring role in a Warner Bro’s series entitled “Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues” with none other than David Carradine to name a few!

What I love about I do is knowing I’m able to help clients, families and friends and giving them peace of mind in moving towards and achieving their financial goals!

In my lifetime, I would like to try to come up with a great idea that will change lives and to travel enough to see all the wonders of the world!

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