Hilda Lacsamana

Lacsamana-HildaLife Insurance Advisor                                     

Hi, I’m Hilda Lacsamana and I’ve been with LiLand for 8 years now, licensed insurance agent since 2005. I have a Bachelor of Science in Commerce – major in Accounting – from the Philippines School of Business Administration (PSBA). I’m also a CPA Member in the Philippines and an AFCA (Association of Filipino-Canadian Accountants) member in Toronto.

Some of my personal interests include traveling, fishing, hunting, singing and dancing.

I love what I do, and I am very happy that this profession allows me to build relationships and make real connections with people, giving me the opportunity to help and contribute to their financial security. The beauty really does lie in the fact that I’m given the chance to contribute positively in the lives of my clients, which gives me the immense pleasure of being human. I am also very thankful to have been blessed with a supportive husband and a wonderful daughter.

In my lifetime, I would like to try to travel to all stunning, interesting and exotic places.

You can get in touch with Hilda at:

Tel: 416-841-8082
Email: hlacsamana@lilandinsurance.com

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